Sacramento Music Scene
by Alex Cosper

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Many famous recording artists have come from Sacramento. For an indepth look at an A-Z list of Sacramento musicians known throughout the nation, read about the history of the Sacramento Scene.

Sacramento is the home of a growing independent music scene that includes Tangent Sunset, whose founder Alex Cosper, has been a leader in helping local artists for many years. In the 1990s Cosper created the local music show "The Sound of Sacramento" (later renamed "The Sounds of Sacramento") on KWOD 106.5. Then at the turn of the century he created SacLive, the first internet radio station in Sacramento, playing local music around the clock. Cosper went on to create Playlist Research, a resource for music researchers and independent artists.

The following artists are from the Sacramento Music Scene (past and present). A page for studying local radio's evolution from its birth can be found at Sacramento Radio History. Also read about Sacramento's first internet radio station in 1999, SacLive, which played all local music from Sacramento. Much more can be learned about the Sacramento Music Scene, local media and local pop culture at The following local artists have made some type of impact on the scene through recordings, live shows or both.

Acme Rocket Quartet, As Yet Untitled, Akimo, Anton Barbeau, Attica, David Barton, Beatrice 9, Beer Dawgs, Bonita Downs, Brand X Savior, Brodys, Casualty Park, Chrome Addicts, Darwins, Deimos, Draw Pinky, Dutch Falconi & His Orchestra, Early Times, Electric Circus, Filibuster, Forever Goldrush, Free Association, Funkengruven, Go National, Gone Postal, Groovie Ghoulies, Grub Dog & The Amazing Sweethearts, Johnny Hartsman, Her Six Daughters, Hollowman, David Houston, James Israel, Jackpot, Jet Red, Kai Kln, The Kimberly Trip, Knockoffs, Legs On Earth, Hannah Lingrell, Gina Livingston, Looky Loos, Luckie Strike, Luxt, Mac Swanky, Magnolia Thunderfinger, Mama's Gravy, Mick Martin & The Blues Rockers, Mind Club, Mind X, Mojo Filter, Mumbo Gumbo, Mummydogs, 99 Tales, Nothing, Okra Pickles, Pilgrims, Planet X, Pope Alopes, Popgun, Elena Powell, Prayer Wheel, Punch The Clown, Roy's Love Virus, Ruby Cocktails, Salamander, Sandbox Trio, Sedona, 7th Standard, Seventy, Sex 66, Shortie, Simon Says, Skirts, Socialistik, Steady Ups, Kozlo Swicky, Tattooed Love Dogs, Thornicopia, Something Ls, Stunt Double, Tiger Trap, Toadmortons, Natalie Cortez & The Ultraviolets, Universal Groove, Vamp Lestat, Caron Vikre, Welt, West Coast Rhythm Section, Willknots, Xenophilia

One of the key reasons why Sacramento became such a hot market for local music in the 1990s when Cake, Oleander, Deftones and Papa Roach got signed, was due to airplay on alternative station KWOD 106.5. Not only did the radio station feature a local music show called "The Sound of Sacramento" on Sunday nights, it mixed in local music in regular rotation. About 50 local acts could be heard regularly around the clock and some of these artists included Chance The Gardener, 7 Seconds, Tattooed Love Dogs, As Yet Untitled, Taint and The Beat Villains.

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