Acoustic Educational Music by Alex Cosper

Alex Cosper explores acoustic educational music that open discussions on deeper issues. The song "Artificial Stupidity (Pharmaloonical Mystery)" is about corruption in the pharmaceutical industry. The year 2012 set records for biggest multi-billion dollar settlements regarding fraud and bribery. It turns out a lot of doctors have been influenced to prescribe certain drugs based on the gifts they've received. Some call it bribery. Another problem the industry faced was getting caught selling lots of fake drugs. This type of song opens the door to deeper issues such as social responsibility and social conditioning. The diverse songwriting of Alex Cosper for Tangent Sunset includes surf music, environmental music, educational music and other types of experimental acoustic songwriting. Check out more Tangent Sunset songs at


Here's a short song that unleashes a world of ideas, how music with educational themes can be a fun way to learn. The song calls attention to the fact that music has power beyond entertainment.