Acoustic Environmental Songs by Alex Cosper

Tangent Sunset songwriter Alex Cosper creates songs about cultural themes. The song "Nature's Lost Times" was written in 2003 and has been played on San Francisco radio station KYOU Radio. The song was written about escaping the crazy city life in favor of a more natural environment like the American River. The song is also about improving one's mindset by focusing on real world issues. This song is mainly performed by Alex Cosper on guitar and vocals and John Young on drums. The diverse songwriting of Alex Cosper for Tangent Sunset includes surf music, environmental music, educational music and other types of experimental acoustic songwriting. Check out more Tangent Sunset songs at


This version of the song that was a hit on KWOD/Sacramento in 1989 was played on KYOU/San Francisco in 2005. The song is a reminder of California's beautiful coastline.