Acoustic Experimental Music by Alex Cosper

People tend to think of electronic instruments when they hear the term experimental music. This particular song, "Circles and Waves" is about how the universe is composed of a lot of circles and waves. Some of these circular patterns include planets, orbits, radio waves, turntables and CDs. The song mixes art and science lyrically, which is what makes it an experimental song. The lyrics remind us of things in everyday life that becomes a routine, which becomes a cycle or part of a wave.


Within every soul is an explorer searching for something enduring. That's the spirit felt in this improvisational keyboard instrumental. It has the suspenseful sound of an eerie horror movie theme, but it can just as easily work as background music for a unique adventure.

Investigating nature can lead to finding nice hangout places, which is the ambition behind this song, although it takes mysterious turns due to improvisation. There's likely a hidden lost lounge somewhere near you lurking in the shade.