Acoustic Political Songs by Alex Cosper

Tangent Sunset songwriter Alex Cosper creates songs about politics and political candidates. The song "The Election of 2012" is the most recent political song. While many political songs are more novelty in nature, this song takes a look at some of the issues, including the idea that edcuational TV funding might get cut if Romney were elected. The song mentions the economy and disaster relief as other big issues affecting the election. The song was written before the result, in which Obama was re-elected by an electoral landslide. The diverse songwriting of Alex Cosper for Tangent Sunset includes surf music, environmental music, educational music and other types of experimental acoustic songwriting. Check out more Tangent Sunset songs at

SUNDOWN CULTURE (Instrumental)

This song by Alex Cosper was written back in the 80s. It works as instrumental background music for fun home videos. The song has a unique groove from most surf music. It can also be used for an upbeat campaign theme.