by Alex Cosper

Clueless Radio is a fictional story about an alternative station failing in ratings and
sales but experiences occasional flashes of success. At one time the station had great ratings
and dominated the market but a new regime with a new focus has erased the station's influence
in the market. What could they be doing that is so wrong?

Chapter 1: "A Peak Inside The Madness"
Chapter 2: "Heads Roll" (part a), (part b)
Chapter 3: "Fumbling The Handoff"
Chapter 4: "Meeting Of The Melting Minds"
Chapter 5: "A Stiff Can Go A Long Way"
Chapter 6: "Spins For Sale"
Chapter 7: "A Game Of Musical Chairs"
Chapter 8: "The Show Must Not Go On"
Chapter 9: "Corporate Crackdown"
Chapter 10: "Who Really Controls The Music?"

Check out the Clueless Radio theme song by Tangent Sunset called "Clue To The Clueless"