COMMON CREEPS by Alex Cosper

11/9/08: What's your reaction to the Obama landslide victory?


11/2/08: Who do you think will win the 2008 Presidential Election?

10/12/08: What's your reaction to the stock market crash of October 2008?

9/1/08: Had you ever heard of Sarah Palin prior to John McCain announcing her as his running mate?

8/23/08: What do you think of Obama's choice for running mate, Joe Biden?

7/27/08: Are you feeling the recession?

7/5/08: How much longer will you tolerate rising oil prices that are driving everything else up?

5/9/08: Is it time for Hillary Clinton to drop out of the Presidential race?

3/12/08: What's your comment on New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer's resignation after the NY Times reported he got caught by the Feds for paying a prostitute?

2/17/08: Have you noticed that the only jobs available now are the ones in which they want you to be a slave for peanuts?

2/10/08: What was bigger: the Super Bowl or Super Tuesday?

1/27/08: What is your opinion on the state of the U.S. economy?

12/17/07: Who will you be supporting in the 2008 Presidential Election?

12/11/07: Do you support the plan to merge Canada and Mexico with the United States to become the North American Union?

11/21/07: Are you in danger of defaulting on your mortgage?

5/17/06: Are you paranoid that the government is listening to your phone calls?

4/24/06: Have rising gas prices caused you to alter your lifestyle?

3/2/06: How do you feel about CBS suing Howard Stern for breach of contract?

2/1/06: What did you think of the President's State of the Union Address?

1/27/06: What's your favorite Washington scandal of the month?

12/31/05: What's your most confident prediction for 2006?

12/28/05: Have you been following the Enron case lately?

12/17/05: Do you approve of President Bush authorizing intelligence agencies to spy on Americans?

12/16/05: Has the time come for America to finally pull out of Iraq?

12/15/05: Do you think the Patriot Act should be renewed?

11/29/05: Are you sad that Ted Koppel is leaving Nightline?

11/28/05: What do you think about Eliot Spitzer scaring the payola out of the music business?

11/23/05: Do you know why we celebrate Thanksgiving?

11/14/05: Do you think the far right agenda is falling out of favor with America?

11/7/05: What do you think about Howard Stern being suspended for promoting his upcoming move to satellite radio?

10/28/05: What do you think about Cheney's chief of staff Lewis Libby getting indicted for lying to a grand jury?

10/27/05: What do you think about Harriet Miers' withdrawal as a Supreme Court nominee?

10/25/05: Do you believe the report that cigarette smoking can lower your I.Q.?

10/4/05: Do you think British model Kate Moss should face cocaine charges?

10/3/05: How do you feel about Bush nominating a lady with no judicial experience to the Supreme Court?

9/30/05: Should the Bible be taught in public schools?

9/29/05: Do you think global warming is a serious problem?

9/28/05: What's your opinion on Tom DeLay getting indicted for breaking campaign finance rules?

9/23/05: Are you prepared for a natural disaster?

9/22/05: Do you think the world is going to hell?

8/29/05: How are you dealing with record high gas prices?

8/26/05: Do you think it's funny that Axl Rose is getting sued by his former bandmates over copyright issues?

8/25/05: What's up with Pat Robertson's reckless comments that the U.S. should take out the President of Venezuela?

8/22/05: How harsh should penalties be on spammers?

8/16/05: How did you remember Elvis on the anniversary of his death?

7/29/05: Are you surprised scientists have discovered a tenth planet in our solar system?

7/25/05: Did you hear that the government is cracking down on music industry payola?

7/20/05: George W. Bush has nominated John Roberts for the Supreme Court. What's your reaction?

7/19/05: When Howard Stern switches to Sirius, will you follow him?

7/15/05: What's up with Eminem callin' it quits on his solo rapper career in favor of producing as Marshall Mathers?

6/24/05: What's your reaction to the Supreme Court's decision that government can seize people's property?

6/22/05: How do you feel about the legalization of medical marijuana?

6/13/05: So what's your reaction to Michael Jackson being acquitted of all charges?

6/10/05: How are you spending your time awaiting the Michael Jackson verdict??

6/3/05: What do you predict will be the verdict of the Michael Jackson case?

5/31/05: Are you surprised that the identity of "Deep Throat" has finally been revealed?

5/24/05: Do you have an iPod yet and are you aware of podcasting?

5/13/05: What's been your most frightening experience at a fast food restaurant so far?

5/6/05: Did Tony Blair deserve to be re-elected as Britain's Prime Minister?

5/3/05: Should the Kansas state legislature have overturned their ban of Sunday liquor sales?

4/30/05: Are we headed for another Great Depression?

4/28/05: What did you think of Bush's press conference on energy, Iraq and social security?

4/22/05: Do you think the Governator should close the California border with Mexico?

4/19/05: Do you think House Majority Leader Tom DeLay should resign?

4/5/05: How high do you think the price of gas will get in the near future?

3/29/05: Who do you think should get to run the World Bank?

3/21/05: What's the weakest excuse or most evasive response you've picked up from a celebrity or politician lately?

3/17/05: Female rap star Lil' Kim was just convicted of perjury and could face 20 years. Your reaction?

3/16/05: What's your feeling today on the Scott Peterson death sentence or the Robert Blake acquittal?

3/10/05: How do you think the Michael Jackson trial's going?

2/27/05: Give us your take on the 2005 Academy Awards

2/15/05: Could you tell us your favorite corporate merger these days?

2/7/05: What did you think of Super Bowl XXXIX?

2/4/05: What do ya think about Bush's plan to change Social Security?

2/2/05: How do you feel about Martha Stewart getting her own reality TV show?

1/31/05: Do you think the Iraqi election was a success?

1/26/05: How do you feel about the Senate confirmations of Condoleeza Rice and Alberto Gonzales?

1/20/05: What did you think of Bush's Inaugural Address?

1/14/05: How do you feel about football star Randy Moss getting fined $10,000 for pretending to moon the crowd?

1/6/05: Do you think it was necessary for Barbara Boxer to object to the Ohio electoral vote?

12/31/04: What's your New Year's resolution or prediction?

12/24/04: Do you say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

12/17/04: Are you bothered that the leading drug companies have marketed products found to cause heart attacks?

12/6/04: Do you think there was election fraud in Ohio?

12/1/04: How do you think Bush handled himself after facing hecklers in Canada?

11/23/04: Have you heard that Walmart and Home Depot are investing in radio tags to track every product they sell?

11/22/04: Did you find the Pistons-Pacers basketball brawl on 11/19 shocking?

11/15/04: Are you shocked by the resignation of Colin Powell?

11/10/04: What do you think about the Bush cabinet shake-up?

11/3/04: What's your reaction to the Bush re-election victory?

10/29/04: What's your final prediction for the Presidential Election?

10/13/04: Who do you think won the third Bush-Kerry debate?

10/12/04: Do you think Eminem crossed the line in his "Just Lose It" video, which makes fun of Michael Jackson?

10/9/04: Who do you think won the second Bush-Kerry debate?

10/6/04: What do you think of Elton John bashing Madonna for being a lip-sync artist?

10/1/04: Who do you think won the first Bush-Kerry debate?

9/28/04: How do you feel about Conan O'Brien replacing Jay Leno in 2009?

9/24/04: What's your favorite sport to watch on television?

9/22/04: Does Ralph Nader have a chance of beating his 3% from 2000?

9/16/04: Do you expect every vote to be counted in November?

9/3/04: Were you inspired by any speeches at the Republican convention?

9/2/04: How do you feel about the Kobe Bryant charges being dropped?

8/31/04: Do you think Bush thinks he can win the war on terror?

8/23/04: Do you think it's necessary for a Presidential candidate to have a military background?

8/17/04: Do you agree with the 9/11 Commission's call for a National Intelligence Director?

8/6/04: How do you feel about the Labor Department's disappointing July report on job growth?

7/30/04: Did any of the speeches at the Democratic Convention move you?

7/23/04: Are you better off today than you were four years ago?

7/20/04: Do you think Bush should drop Cheney from the Republican ticket?

7/16/04: What's your reaction to the Martha Stewart sentencing?

7/12/04: How would you feel if Bush cancelled the election due to a terrorist threat?

7/6/04: How did you celebrate the Fourth of July weekend?

7/1/04: If you were John Kerry who would you pick as your running mate?

6/30/04: Was it a good idea to hand over control back to Iraq?

6/25/04: What did you think of the Michael Moore film Fahrenheit 911?

6/23/04: What did you think of the movie The Corporation?

6/21/04: Do you plan on reading Bill Clinton's Memoirs this summer?

6/18/04: What radio format do you listen to mostly these days?

6/14/04: How will you remember Ronald Reagan?

6/4/04: Do you have any concern about genetically modified food?

5/24/04: Should same sex marriage be illegal?

5/18/04: Do you understand why gas prices are so high right now?

5/14/04: Are you skeptical of the media?

5/12/04: In light of the abuse stories about Iraqi prisoners, should Donald Rumsfeld resign?

5/7/04: Are you gonna miss the TV show Friends?

5/4/04: Whatta ya think about Al Gore buying his own cable TV channel?

4/30/04: Should spam email be completely illegal?

4/28/04: Is there too much indecency in the media?

4/26/04: What should be done about athletes using steroids?

4/22/04: How did you celebrate Earth Day?

4/19/03: What would you tell Donald Trump if he fired you?

4/16/04: Which celebrities do you think will go to prison?

4/9/04: Should the U.S. have gone to war in Iraq?

4/2/04: What's your opinion on all the religious imagery in the media lately?

3/26/04: Who ya gonna vote for in the 2004 Presidential election?

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