Tangent Sunset Information


Tangent Sunset offers fun, interesting, original music created by Alex Cosper, heard by thousands in Northern California on San Francisco and Sacramento radio. This is a project that mixes humor and social issues with surreal melodic music. The subject matter ranges from wacky to serious. Then again, some of the songs are instrumentals. This music is meant for concept-driven audiences who enjoy fun-spirited imagination.

Check out all the songs at the Tangent Sunset Music Library. The official launch date of this web site was June 23, 2003. All songs are published by Orange Underworld Music, BMI. Visit Alex Cosper's other developing sites:



The First 79 Minutes: Released November 2003 (weekly tracks began appearing on June 23, 2003)
Future's Nest: Released July 2004 (weekly tracks began appearing in April 2004)
Songs About The Earth: Released December 2004 (weekly tracks began appearing in September 2004)
Montage: Compilation released September 2005
Sonic Rain: Songs began appearing on website in December 2007 and throughout 2008 and 2009