Tangent Sunset

The Legend of KZAP
by Alex Cosper

Read all about the legendary rock station that Sacramentans still talk about. From its inception in 1968 to it farewell in 1992, here's a lot of research that can't be found anywhere else on the internet. I wrote this story based on hours of interviews with the people that made this great station happen. Some of those radio pioneers included Charlie Weiss, Dennis Newhall, Jeff Hughson, Cary Nosler, Robert Williams, Mick Martin and many others.

This report has always been a work in progress and I am always looking for more information to add to the story. What fascinates me about KZAP is the community spirit that it generated. It will long be remembered as the station that gave people reasons to listen, since it was an active, informative and entertaining station through the years. Read about KZAP became Sacramento's top rock station in the 1980s at Playlist Research.

Video Interviews of KZAP Personalities

1. Jeff Hughson Interview #1: The Dawn of Freeform Radio - summary
2. Jeff Hughson Interview #2: The Birth of KZAP - summary
3. Dennis Newhall Interview: 70s Freeform Radio - summary
4. Robert Williams Interview #1: KZAP Programming - summary
5. Robert Williams Interview #2: 70s Rock Scene - summary