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THE 1970s
BLACK SABBATH 70 Evil Woman (Warner Brothers) Black Sabbath 70 Paranoid (Warner Brothers) Paranoid 71 Sweet Leaf (Warner Brothers) Master Of Reality 72 Iron Man (Warner Brothers) Paranoid 72 Tomorrow's Dream (Warner Brothers) Black Sabbath Vol. 4 73 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Warner Brothers) Sabbath Bloody Sabbath 75 Am I Going Insane (Radio) (Warner Brothers) Sabotage 76 It's Alright (Warner Brothers) Technical Ecstacy 78 Never Say Die (Warner Brothers) Never Say Die >> see 80s/OZZY OSBOURNE JACKSON BROWNE 72 Doctor My Eyes (Asylum) Jackson Browne 72 Rock Me On The Water (Asylum) Jackson Browne 73 Redneck Friend (Asylum) For Everyman 74 Take It Easy (Asylum) For Everyman 77 Here Come Those Tears Again (Asylum) The Pretender 77 The Pretender (Asylum) The Pretender 78 You Love The Thunder (Asylum) Running On Empty 78 Running On Empty (Asylum) Running On Empty 78 Stay (Asylum) Running On Empty >> see 80s >> see 90s/00s CHICAGO << see 60s/CHICAGO TRANSIT AUTHORITY 70 Make Me Smile (Columbia) Chicago II 70 25 Or 6 To 4 (Columbia) Chicago II 70 Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? * re-issue of 1969 single (Columbia) Chicago Transit Authority 71 Free (Columbia) Chicago III 71 Lowdown (Columbia) Chicago III 71 Beginnings (Columbia) Chicago At Carnegie Hall 71 Colour My World (Columbia) Chicago II 71 Questions 67 And 68 (Columbia) Chicago At Carnegie Hall 72 Saturday In The Park (Columbia) Chicago V 72 Dialogue (Part I & II) (Columbia) Chicago V 73 Feelin' Stronger Every Day (Columbia) Chicago VI 73 Just You 'N' Me (Columbia) Chicago VI 74 (I've Been) Searchin' So Long (Columbia) Chicago VII 74 Call On Me (Columbia) Chicago VII 74 Wishing You Were Here (Columbia) Chicago VII 75 Harry Truman (Columbia) Chicago VIII 75 Old Days (Columbia) Chicago VIII 76 Another Rainy Day In New York City (Columbia) Chicago X 76 If You Leave Me Now (Columbia) Chicago X 77 Baby, What A Big Surprise (Columbia) Chicago XI 78 Alive Again (Columbia) Chicago XII 79 No Tell Lover (Columbia) Chicago XII (In the 80s they were regarded strictly as a pop act and did not receive airplay on rock radio) CROSBY, STILLS & NASH << see 60s 70 Teach Your Children * CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG (Atlantic) Deja Vu 70 Woodstock * CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG (Atlantic) Deja Vu 70 Ohio * CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG (Atlantic) Deja Vu 72 Immigration Man * GRAHAM NASH & DAVID CROSBY (Atlantic) Graham Nash & David Crosby 72 Southbound Train * GRAHAM NASH & DAVID CROSBY (Atlantic) Graham Nash & David Crosby 76 Carry Me * GRAHAM NASH & DAVID CROSBY (Atlantic) Wind On The Water 76 Out Of The Darkness * GRAHAM NASH & DAVID CROSBY (Atlantic) Whistle Down The Wire 77 Just A Song Before I Go (Atlantic) CSN 82 Wasted On The Way (Atlantic) Daylight Again 82 Southern Cross (Atlantic) Daylight Again 83 War Games (Atlantic) Allies 88 American Dream * CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG (Atlantic) American Dream 88 Got It Made * CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG (Atlantic) American Dream 90 Live It Up (Atlantic) Live It Up 99 Faith In Me (Atlantic) Live It UpLooking Forward EAGLES 72 Take It Easy (Asylum) Eagles 72 Witchy Woman (Asylum) Eagles 73 Peaceful Easy Feeling (Asylum) Desperado 73 Tequilla Sunrise (Asylum) Desperado 73 Outlaw Man (Asylum) Desperado 73 Desperado (Asylum) Desperado 74 Already Gone (Asylum) On The Border 74 James Dean (Asylum) On The Border 75 Best Of My Love (Asylum) On The Border 75 One Of These Nights (Asylum) One Of These Nights 75 Lyin' Eyes (Asylum) One Of These Nights 76 Take It To The Limit (Asylum) One Of These Nights 76 New Kid In Town (Asylum) Hotel California 77 Hotel California (Asylum) Hotel California 77 Life In The Fast Lane (Asylum) Hotel California 77 The Last Resort (Asylum) Hotel California 78 Please Come Home For Christmas (Asylum) 79 Heartache Tonight (Asylum) The Long Run 79 The Long Run (Asylum) The Long Run 79 In The City (Asylum) The Long Run 79 Those Shoes (Asylum) The Long Run 79 Greeks Don't Want No Freaks (Asylum) The Long Run 79 I Can't Tell You Why (Asylum) The Long Run 81 Seven Bridges Road (Asylum) Eagles Live 94 Get Over It (Geffen) Hell Freezes Over EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER 70 Lucky Man (Cotillion) Emerson, Lake And Palmer 71 Stones Of Years (Cotillion) Tarkus 71 Nut Rocker (Cotillion) Pictures At An Exhibition 72 From The Beginning (Cotillion) Trilogy 73 Jerusalem (Manticore) Brain Salad Surgery 77 Fanfare For The Common Man (Atlantic) Works 1 77 Watching Over You (Atlantic) Works 2 78 All I Want Is You (Atlantic) Love Beach JETHRO TULL << see 60s 70 The Witch's Promise (Reprise) single 70 Teacher (Reprise) b-side of "The Witch's Promise" 70 Inside (Reprise) Benefit 71 Aqualung (Reprise) Aqualung 71 Hymn #43 (Reprise) Aqualung 71 Locomotive Breath (Reprise) Aqualung 72 Thick As A Brick (Reprise) Thick As A Brick 72 Living In The Past * re-issue 0f 1969 U.K. single (Chrysalis) Living In The Past 73 A Passion Play * multiple edits (Chrysalis) A Passion Play 74 Bungle In The Jungle (Chrysalis) War Child 74 Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of A New Day (Chrysalis) War Child 75 Minstrel In The Gallery (Chrysalis) Minstrel In The Gallery 76 Too Old To Rock 'N' Roll, Too Young To Die (Chrysalis) Too Old To Rock 'N' Roll, Too Young To Die 77 The Whistler (Chrysalis) Songs From The Wood 77 Jack In The Green (Chrysalis) Songs From The Wood 78 Moths (Chrysalis) Heavy Horses 79 North Sea Oil (Chrysalis) Stormwatch >> see 80s JOHN LENNON << see 60s 70 Instant Karma * JOHN ONO LENNON (Apple/Capitol) single 70 Mother * JOHN LENNON/THE PLASTIC ONO BAND (Apple/Capitol) John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band 71 Power To The People * JOHN LENNON/THE PLASTIC ONO BAND (Apple/Capitol) 71 Imagine * JOHN LENNON/THE PLASTIC ONO BAND (Apple/Capitol) Imagine 71 Give Me Some Truth * JOHN LENNON/THE PLASTIC ONO BAND (Apple/Capitol) Imagine 71 How Do You Sleep * JOHN LENNON/THE PLASTIC ONO BAND (Apple/Capitol) Imagine 71 I Don't Want To Be A Soldier * JOHN LENNON/THE PLASTIC ONO BAND (Apple/Capitol) Imagine 72 Woman Is The Nigger Of The World (Apple/Capitol) Some Time In New York City 72 Happy Xmas (War Is Over) * JOHN & YOKO/PLASTIC ONO BAND (Apple/Capitol) single 73 Mind Games (Apple/Capitol) 74 Whatever Gets You Thru The Night * JOHN LENNON WITH THE PLASTIC ONO NUCLEAR BAND(Apple/Capitol) 75 #9 Dream (Apple/Capitol) 75 Stand By Me (Apple/Capitol) 80 (Just Like) Starting Over (Geffen) Double Fantasy 81 Woman (Geffen) Double Fantasy 81 Watching The Wheels (Geffen) Double Fantasy 81 I'm Losing You (Geffen) Double Fantasy 84 Nobody Told Me (Polydor) Milk & Honey 84 I'm Stepping Out (Polydor) Milk & Honey 84 Borrowed Time (Polydor) Milk & Honey 86 Rock 'n' Roll People (Capitol) Menlove Avenue STEVE MILLER BAND << see 60s 70 Little Girl (Capitol) Your Saving Grace 70 Going Up The Country (Capitol) Number 5 73 The Joker (Capitol) The Joker 74 Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash (Capitol) The Joker 76 Take The Money And Run (Capitol) Fly Like An Eagle 76 Fly Like An Eagle (Capitol) Fly Like An Eagle 76 Rock 'N' Me (Capitol) Fly Like An Eagle 77 Jet Airliner (Capitol) Book Of Dreams 77 Jungle Love (Capitol) Book Of Dreams 78 Swing Town (Capitol) Book Of Dreams 81 Heart Like A Wheel (Capitol) Circle Of Love 82 Abracadabra (Capitol) Abracadabra 87 Nobody But You Baby (Capitol) Living In The 20th Century MOODY BLUES << see 60s 70 Question (Theshold) A Question Of Balance 71 The Story In Your Eyes (Theshold) Every Good Boy Does Favour 72 Isn't Life Strange (Theshold) Seventh Sojourn 72 Nights In White Satin * re-issue of 1968 track (Deram) Days Of Future Passed 73 I'm Just A Singer In A Rock'N'Roll Band (Theshold) Seventh Sojourn 78 Steppin' In A Slide Zone (Theshold) Octave 78 Driftwood (Theshold) Octave >> see 80s QUEEN 73 Keep Yourself Alive (Elektra) Queen 74 Seven Seas Of Rhye (Elektra) Queen II 75 Killer Queen (Elektra) Sheer Heart Attack 75 Bohemian Rhapsody (Elektra) A Night At The Opera 75 You're My Best Friend (Elektra) A Night At The Opera 77 Somebody To Love (Elektra) A Day At The Races 77 We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions (Elektra) News Of The World 77 It's Late (Elektra) News Of The World 78 Bicycle Race (Elektra) Jazz 78 Fat Bottomed Girls (Elektra) Jazz 78 Don't Stop Me Now (Elektra) Jazz 79 Another One Bites The Dust (Elektra) The Game 79 Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Elektra) The Game 79 Don't Try Suicide (Elektra) The Game 79 Play The Game (Elektra) The Game 79 Need Your Loving Tonight (Elektra) The Game TODD RUNDGREN << see 60s/NAZZ 70 We Gotta Get You A Woman * listed as RUNT (Ampex) Runt 72 I Saw The Light (Bearsville) Something/Anything? 73 Sometimes I Don't Know What To Feel (Bearsville) A Wizard, A True Star 73 Hello, It's Me (Bearsville) Something/Anything? 74 A Dream Goes On Forever (Bearsville) Todd 75 Real Man (Bearsville) Initiation 76 Good Vibrations (Bearsville) Faithful 78 Can We Still Be Friends (Bearsville) Hermit Of Mink Hollow >> see 80s 83 Bang The Drum All Day (Bearsville) The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect PAUL SIMON << see 60s/SIMON & GARFUNKEL 72 Mother And Child Reunion (Columbia) Paul Simon 72 Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard (Columbia) Paul Simon 73 Kodachrome (Columbia) There Goes Rhymin' Simon 73 Loves Me Like A Rock (Columbia) There Goes Rhymin' Simon 74 American Tune (Columbia) There Goes Rhymin' Simon 75 Gone At Last * with PHOEBE SNOW (Columbia) Still Crazy After All These Years 75 My Little Town * SIMON & GARFUNKEL (Columbia) Still Crazy After All These Years 76 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover (Columbia) Still Crazy After All These Years 76 Still Crazy After All These Years (Columbia) Still Crazy After All These Years 77 Slip Slidin' Away (Columbia) Greatest Hits, Etc. 78 (What A) Wonderful World * ART GARFUNKEL with JAMES TAYLOR & PAUL SIMON (Columbia) >> see 80s >> see 90s