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THE 1970s
AC/DC 75 T.N.T. (Albert) T.N.T. 76 It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock'N'Roll) (Albert) T.N.T. 76 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Atco) Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 76 Big Balls (Atco) Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 77 Let There Be Rock (Atco) Let There Be Rock 77 Whole Lotta Rosie (Atco) Let There Be Rock 79 Highway To Hell (Atlantic) Highway To Hell 80 You Shook Me All Night Long (Atlantic) Back In Black 80 Back In Black (Atlantic) Back In Black 80 Hell's Bells (Atlantic) Back In Black >> 80s: They became a staple act of the hard rock sound. AEROSMITH 73 Dream On (Columbia) Aerosmith more prominent when re-issued in 1976 74 Same Old Song And Dance (Columbia) Get Your Wings 75 Sweet Emotion (Columbia) Toys In The Attic 76 Dream On * re-issue (Columbia) Aerosmith 76 Last Child (Columbia) Rocks 77 Walk This Way (Columbia) Toys In The Attic 77 Back In The Saddle (Columbia) Rocks 78 Kings And Queens (Columbia) Draw The Line 78 Come Together (RSO) Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Soundtrack 80 Remember (Walkin' In The Sand) Night In The Ruts 87 Dude (Looks Like A Lady) (Geffen) Permanent Vacation 88 Angel (Geffen) Permanent Vacation 88 Rag Doll (Geffen) Permanent Vacation 89 Love In An Elevator (Geffen) Permanent Vacation 89 Janie's Got A Gun (Geffen) Permanent Vacation >> 90s: enjoyed continued chart success with mainstream/rock crossover music. ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND 70 Revival (Atlantic) The Allman Brothers Band 70 Whipping Post (Atlantic) The Allman Brothers Band 71 Midnight Rider (Atlantic) Idlewind South 71 In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed (Atlantic) Idlewind 72 Blue Sky (Capricorn) Eat A Peach 73 Ramblin' Man (Capricorn) Brothers And Sisters 74 Jessica (Capricorn) Brothers And Sisters 75 Nevertheless (Capricorn) Win, Lose Or Draw 79 Crazy Love (Capricorn) Enlightened Rogues AMERICA 72 A Horse With No Name (Warner Brothers) America - A Horse With No Name 72 I Need You (Warner Brothers) America - A Horse With No Name 72 Ventura Highway (Warner Brothers) Homecoming 73 Muskrat Love (Warner Brothers) Hat Trick 74 Tin Man (Warner Brothers) Holiday 75 Lonely People (Warner Brothers) Holiday 75 Sister Golden Hair (Warner Brothers) Hearts 75 Daisy Jane (Warner Brothers) Hearts 76 Today's The Day (Warner Brothers) Hideaway 79 California Dreamin' (American International) single 82 You Can Do Magic (Capitol) View From The Ground JOAN ARMSTRONG 73 Lonely Lady (A&M) single 75 Back To The Night (A&M) Back To The Night 76 Love And Affection (A&M) Joan Armatrading 77 Willow (A&M) Show Some Emotion 78 Bottom To The Top (A&M) To The Limit 80 Rosie (A&M) How Cruel 80 Me Myself I (A&M) Me Myself I 81 I'm Lucky (A&M) Walk Under Ladders 83 (I Love It When You) Call Me Names (A&M) The Key 85 Temptation (A&M) Secret Secrets 86 Angel Man (A&M) Sleight Of Hand 88 Living For You (A&M) The Shouting Stage 90 Promise Land (A&M) Hearts And Flowers 92 Wrapped Around Her (A&M) Square The Circle BAD COMPANY 74 Can't Get Enough (Swan Song) Bad Co. 75 Movin' On (Swan Song) Bad Co. 75 Bad Company (Swan Song) Bad Co. 75 Good Lovin' Gone Bad (Swan Song) Straight Shooter 75 Feel Like Makin' Love (Swan Song) Straight Shooter 75 Shooting Star (Swan Song) Straight Shooter 76 Young Blood (Swan Song) Run With The Pack 76 Silver, Blue And Gold (Swan Song) Run With The Pack 77 Burnin' Sky (Swan Song) Burnin' Sky 79 Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy (Swan Song) Desolation Angels 79 Gone, Gone Gone (Swan Song) Desolation Angels BLUE OYSTER CULT 73 Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll (Columbia) Blue Oyster Cult 74 Screaming Diz-busters (Columbia) Tyranny & Mutation 74 Career Of Evil (Columbia) Secret Treaties 76 (Don't Fear) The Reaper (Columbia) Agents Of Fortune 77 Godzilla (Columbia) Spectres 79 In Thee (Columbia) Mirrors >> see 80s BOSTON 77 More Than A Feeling (Epic) Boston 77 Long Time (Epic) Boston 77 Piece Of Mind (Epic) Boston 77 Rock And Roll Band (Epic) Boston 77 Smokin' (Epic) Boston 77 Let Me Take You Home Tonight (Epic) Boston 78 Don't Look Back (Epic) Don't Look Back 78 A Man I'll Never Be (Epic) Boston 78 Feelin' Satisfied (Epic) Boston 86 Amanda (Epic) Third Stage 86 We're Ready (Epic) Third Stage DOOBIE BROTHERS 72 Listen To The Music (Warner Brothers) Toulouse Street 73 Jesus Is Just Alright (Warner Brothers) Toulouse Street 73 Rockin' Down The Highway (Warner Brothers) Toulouse Street 73 Long Train Runnin' (Warner Brothers) The Captain And Me 73 China Grove (Warner Brothers) The Captain And Me 74 Another Park, Another Sunday (Warner Brothers) What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits 74 Eyes Of Silver (Warner Brothers) What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits 75 Black Water (Warner Brothers) What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits 75 Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me) (Warner Brothers) Stampede 75 Sweet Maxine (Warner Brothers) Stampede 76 Takin' It To The Streets (Warner Brothers) Takin' It To The Streets 77 It Keeps You Runnin' (Warner Brothers) Takin' It To The Streets 77 Little Darlin' (I Need You) (Warner Brothers) Livin' On The Fault Line 77 Echoes Of Love (Warner Brothers) Livin' On The Fault Line 78 Livin' On The Fault Line (Warner Brothers) Livin' On The Fault Line 79 What A Fool Believes (Warner Brothers) Minute By Minute 79 Minute By Minute (Warner Brothers) Minute By Minute 79 Dependin' On You (Warner Brothers) Minute By Minute 80 Real Love (Warner Brothers) One Step Closer 81 One Step Closer (Warner Brothers) One Step Closer 89 The Doctor (Capitol) Cycles ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA 75 Can't Get It Out Of My Head (United Artists) 75 Evil Woman (United Artists) 76 Strange Magic (United Artists) 77 Livin' Thing (United Artists) 77 Do Ya (United Artists) 77 Telephone Line (United Artists) 78 Turn To Stone (Jet) 78 Sweet Talkin' Woman (Jet) 78 Mr. Blue Sky (Jet) 79 Shine A Little Love (Jet) 79 Don't Bring Me Down (Jet) 79 Confusion (Jet) 79 Last Train To London (Jet) >> see 80s FLEETWOOD MAC << see 60s 70 Jewel-Eyed Lady (Reprise) Kiln House 71 Dragonfly (Reprise) single 71 Sands Of Time (Reprise) Future Games 72 Sentimental Lady (Reprise) Bare Trees 73 Remember Me (Reprise) Penguin 74 Hypnotized (Reprise) Mystery To Me 74 Heroes Are Hard To Find (Reprise) Heroes Are Hard To Find 75 Over My Head (Reprise) Fleetwood Mac 75 Landslide (Reprise) Fleetwood Mac 76 Rhiannon (Reprise) Fleetwood Mac 76 Say You Love Me (Reprise) Fleetwood Mac 77 Go Your Own Way (Warner Brothers) Rumours 77 Dreams (Warner Brothers) Rumours 77 Don't Stop (Warner Brothers) Rumours 77 You Make Lovin' Fun (Warner Brothers) Rumours 77 Gold Dust Woman (Warner Brothers) Rumours 77 The Chain (Warner Brothers) Rumours 79 Tusk (Warner Brothers) Tusk 79 Sara (Warner Brothers) Tusk 80 Think About Me (Warner Brothers) Tusk 82 Hold Me (Warner Brothers) Mirage 82 Gypsy (Warner Brothers) Mirage 83 Love In Store (Warner Brothers) Mirage 87 Big Love (Warner Brothers) Tango In The Night 87 Seven Wonders (Warner Brothers) Tango In The Night 87 Little Lies (Warner Brothers) Tango In The Night 87 Everywhere (Warner Brothers) Tango In The Night 90 Save Me (Warner Brothers) Behind The Mask 03 Peacekeeper (Reprise) Say You Will PETER FRAMPTON 72 All Night Long (A&M) Frampton's Camel 75 Show Me The Way (A&M) Frampton 76 Show Me The Way * live (A&M) Frampton Comes Alive 76 Baby, I Love Your Way * live (A&M) Frampton Comes Alive 76 Do You Feel Like We Do * live (A&M) Frampton Comes Alive 77 I'm In You (A&M) I'm In You 77 Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours) (A&M) I'm In You 79 I Can't Stand It No More (A&M) Where I Should Be GENESIS 73 I Know What I Like (Atco) Selling England By The Pound 74 The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (Atco) The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway 76 A Trick Of The Tail (Atco) A Trick Of The Tail 77 Your Own Special Way (Atco) Wind And Wuthering 78 Follow You, Follow Me (Atlantic) ...And Then There Were Three 80 Turn It On Again (Atlantic) Duke 80 Misunderstanding (Atlantic) Duke 81 Abacab (Atlantic) Abacab 81 No Reply At All (Atlantic) Abacab 82 Paper Late (Atlantic) 3X3 EP 82 Man On The Corner (Atlantic) Abacab 83 Mama (Atlantic) Genesis 83 That's All (Atlantic) Genesis 84 Illegal Alien (Atlantic) Genesis 84 Taking It All Too Hard (Atlantic) Genesis 84 Just A Job To Do (Atlantic) Genesis 86 Invisible Touch (Atlantic) Invisible Touch 86 In Too Deep (Atlantic) Invisible Touch 86 Throwing It All Away (Atlantic) Invisible Touch 86 Land Of Confusion (Atlantic) Invisible Touch 87 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (Atlantic) Invisible Touch 91 No Son Of Mine (Atlantic) We Can't Dance 91 I Can't Dance (Atlantic) We Can't Dance GOLDEN EARRING 74 Radar Love (Track) Moontan 83 Twilight Zone (21) Twilight Zone GUESS WHO << see 60s 70 No time (RCA) Canned Wheat Packed By The Guess Who also American Woman 70 American Woman (RCA) American Woman 70 No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature (RCA) American Woman 70 Hand Me Down World (RCA) Share The Land 70 Share The Land (RCA) Share The Land 71 Rain Dance (RCA) So Long, Bannatyne 74 Star Baby (RCA) Road Food 74 Clap For The Wolfman (RCA) Road Food 75 Dancin' Fool Flavours GEORGE HARRISON 70 My Sweet Lord (Apple/Capitol) All Things Must Pass 70 Isn't It A Pity (Apple/Capitol) All Things Must Pass 70 If Not For You (Apple/Capitol) All Things Must Pass 71 What Is Life (Apple/Capitol) All Things Must Pass 71 Bangla Desh (Apple/Capitol) The Concert For Bangladesh 73 Give Me Love (Apple/Capitol) Living In The Material World 75 Dark Horse (Apple/Capitol) Dark Horse 75 Ding Dong, Ding Dong (Apple/Capitol) Dark Horse 75 You (Apple/Capitol) Extra Texture 76 This Song (Dark Horse) Thirty-Three & 1/3 77 Crackerbox Palace (Dark Horse) Thirty-Three & 1/3 79 Blow Away (Dark Horse) George Harrison 81 All Those Years Ago (Dark Horse) Somewhere In England 88 Got My Mind Set On You (Dark Horse) Cloud Nine 88 When We Was Fab (Dark Horse) Cloud Nine 88 Devil's Radio (Dark Horse) Cloud Nine 02 Stuck Inside A Cloud (Capitol) Brainwashed HEART 76 Dreamboat Annie (Mushroom) Dreamboat Annie 76 Crazy On You (Mushroom) Dreamboat Annie 76 Magic Man (Mushroom) Dreamboat Annie 77 Barracuda (Portrait) Little Queen 77 Kick It Out (Mushroom) Little Queen 78 Heartless (Mushroom) Magazine 78 Straight On (Portrait) Dog & Butterfly 79 Dog & Butterfly (Portrait) Dog & Butterfly >> 80s: the band moved toward adult pop, although 1980's "Even It Up" from Bebe Le Strange reflected their early sound. BILLY JOEL 72 She's Got A Way (Family) Cold Spring Harbour 75 Piano Man (Columbia) Piano Man 75 The Entertainer (Columbia) Streetlife Serenade 76 Say Goodbye To Hollywood (Columbia) Turnstiles 76 New York State Of Mind (Columbia) Turnstiles 78 Just The Way You Are (Columbia) The Stranger 78 Movin' Out (Columbia) The Stranger 78 She's Always A Woman (Columbia) The Stranger 78 Only The Good Die Young (Columbia) The Stranger 78 Scenes From An Italian Restaurant (Columbia) The Stranger 79 My Life (Columbia) 52nd Street 79 Big Shot (Columbia) 52nd Street 79 Honesty (Columbia) 52nd Street 80 You May Be Right (Columbia) Glass Houses 80 It's Still Rock'N'Roll To Me (Columbia) Glass Houses 80 Don't Ask Me Why (Columbia) Glass Houses 80 Sometimes A Fantasy (Columbia) Glass Houses >> 80s: He became a huge pop act with hits such as "Uptown Girl." ELTON JOHN 70 Your Song (Uni) Elton John 70 Border Song (Uni) Elton John 70 Country Comfort (Uni) Tumbleweed Connection 71 Friends (Uni) Friends 72 Levon (Uni) Madman Across The Water 72 Tiny Dancer (Uni) Madman Across The Water 72 Rocket Man (Uni) Honky Chateau 72 Honky Cat (Uni) Honky Chateau 73 Crocodile Rock (MCA) Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only The Piano Player 73 Daniel (MCA) Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only The Piano Player 73 Elderberry Wine (MCA) Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only The Piano Player 73 Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting (MCA) Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 73 Step Into Christmas (MCA) single 73 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (MCA) Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 74 Bennie And The Jets (MCA) Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 74 Candle In The Wind (MCA) Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 74 Funeral For A Friend (MCA) Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 74 Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (MCA) Caribou 74 The Bitch Is Back (MCA) Caribou 74 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (MCA) single, in 1977 appeared on Greatest Hits, Volume II 75 Philadelphia Freedowm (MCA) single, in 1977 appeared on Greatest Hits, Volume II 75 Pinball Wizard (MCA) in 1977 appeared on Greatest Hits, Volume II 75 Someone saved My Life Tonight (MCA) Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy 75 Island Girl (MCA) Rock Of The Westies 76 Grow Some Funk Of Your Own (MCA) Rock Of The Westies 76 Don't Go Breaking My Heart * AND KIKI DEE (Rocket) single 76 Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (MCA) Blue Moves 78 Part Time Love (MCA) A Single Man 79 Mama Can't Buy You Love (MCA) The Thom Bell Sessions >> 80s: He moved toward adult pop as in "Sad Songs." JOURNEY 78 Wheel In The Sky (Columbia) Infinity 78 Anytime (Columbia) Infinity 78 Lights (Columbia) Infinity 79 Just The Same Way (Columbia) Evolution 79 Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' (Columbia) Evolution 79 Too Late (Columbia) Evolution >> 80s: They became a huge pop act with soft ballads such as "Open Arms" and "Faithfully." KANSAS 74 Lonely Wind (Kirshner) Kansas 75 Song For America (Kirshner) Song For America 76 It Takes A Woman's Love (Kirshner) Masque 77 Carry On Wayward Son (Kirshner) Leftoverture 77 Point Of Know Return (Kirshner) Point Of Know Return 78 Dust In The Wind (Kirshner) Point Of Know Return 79 People Of The South Wind (Kirshner) Monolith LYNYRD SKYNYRD 74 Sweet Home Alabama (MCA) Second Helping 75 Free Bird (MCA) Pronounced Leh-nerd Skin-nerd 75 Gimme Three Steps (MCA) Pronounced Leh-nerd Skin-nerd 75 Tuesday's Gone (MCA) Pronounced Leh-nerd Skin-nerd 75 Saturday Night Special (MCA) Nuthin' Fancy 76 Double Trouble (MCA) Gimme Back My Bullets 77 Free Bird * live (MCA) One More For The Road 78 What's Your Name (MCA) Street Survivors 78 That Smell (MCA) Street Survivors PAUL McCARTNEY 70 Every Night (Apple/Capitol) McCartney 70 Maybe I'm Amazed (Apple/Capitol) McCartney 71 Another Day (Apple/Capitol) single 71 Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey * PAUL AND LINDA McCARTNEY (Apple/Capitol) Ram 72 Give Ireland Back To The Irish * WINGS (Apple/Capitol) single 72 Hi Hi Hi * WINGS (Apple/Capitol) single 73 My Love * PAUL McCARTNEY & WINGS (Apple/Capitol) Red Rose Speedway 73 Live And Let Die * WINGS (Apple/Capitol) Live And Let Die Soundtrack 73 Helen Wheels * PAUL McCARTNEY & WINGS (Apple/Capitol) Band On The Run 74 Jet * PAUL McCARTNEY & WINGS (Apple/Capitol) Band On The Run 74 Band On The Run * PAUL McCARTNEY & WINGS (Apple/Capitol) Band On The Run 75 Junior's Farm * PAUL McCARTNEY & WINGS (Apple/Capitol) single 75 Listen To What The Man Said * WINGS (Capitol) Venus And Mars 75 Letting Go * WINGS (Capitol) Venus And Mars 76 Venus And Mars/Rock Show * WINGS (Capitol) Venus And Mars 76 Silly Love Songs * WINGS (Capitol) Wings At The Speed Of Sound 76 Let 'Em In * WINGS (Capitol) Wings At The Speed Of Sound 77 Maybe I'm Amazed * WINGS (Capitol) Wings Over America 77 Mull Of Kintyre * WINGS (Capitol) single 77 Girl's School * WINGS (Capitol) b-side of "Mull Of Kintyre" 78 With A Little Luck * WINGS (Capitol) London Town 78 I've Had Enough * WINGS (Capitol) London Town 78 London Town * WINGS (Capitol) London Town 79 Goodnight Tonight * WINGS (Columbia) single 79 Daytime Nightime Suffering * WINGS (Columbia) b-side of "Goodnight Tonight" 79 Getting Closer * WINGS (Columbia) Back To The Egg 79 Arrow Through Me * WINGS (Columbia) Back To The Egg 79 Old Siam, Sir * WINGS (Columbia) Back To The Egg >> 80s and thereafter: he was regarded strictly as a pop act and not played much on rock radio REO SPEEDWAGON 74 Ridin' The Storm Out (Epic) Ridin' The Storm Out 75 Throw The Chains Away (Epic) Lost In A Dream 75 Out Of Control (Epic) This Time We Mean It 75 Keep Pushin' (Epic) R.E.O. 77 Ridin' The Storm Out * live (Epic) Live (You Get What You Play For) 78 Roll With The Changes (Epic) You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can't Tuna Fish 78 Time For Me To Fly (Epic) You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can't Tuna Fish 79 Easy Money (Epic) Nine Lives 81 Keep On Loving You (Epic) Hi Infidelity 81 Take It On The Run (Epic) Hi Infidelity 81 Don't Let Him Go (Epic) Hi Infidelity 81 In Your Letter (Epic) Hi Infidelity >> 80s: They moved toward a soft rock sound as in the pop hit "Can't Fight This Feeling." BOZ SCAGGS 74 You Make It So Hard (Columbia) Slow Dancer 76 It's Over (Columbia) Silk Degrees 76 Lowdown (Columbia) Silk Degrees 76 We're All Alone (Columbia) Silk Dgrees 77 Lido Shuffle (Columbia) Silk Dgrees 77 Hollywood (Columbia) Down Two Then Left BOB SEGER 73 Turn The Page (Palladium) Back In '72 75 Katmandu (Capitol) Beautiful Loser 75 Beautiful Loser (Capitol) Beautiful Loser 77 Night Moves (Capitol) Night Moves 77 Mainstreet (Capitol) Night Moves 77 Rock And Roll Never Forgets (Capitol) Night Moves 78 Still The Same (Capitol) Stranger In Town 78 Hollywood Nights (Capitol) Stranger In Town 78 We've Got Tonight (Capitol) Stranger In Town 79 Old Time Rock And Roll (Capitol) Stranger In Town 79 Feel Like A Number (Capitol) Stranger In Town 80 Fire Lake (Capitol) Against The Wind 80 Against The Wind (Capitol) Against The Wind 80 You'll Accomp'ny Me (Capitol) Against The Wind 81 Trying To Live My Life Without You (Capitol) Nine Tonight 83 Shame On The Moon (Capitol) The Distance 83 Even Now (Capitol) The Distance 83 Roll Me Away (Capitol) The Distance 85 Understanding (Capitol) 86 American Storm (Capitol) Like A Rock 86 Like A Rock (Capitol) Like A Rock 87 Shakedown (MCA) Beverly Hills Cop II Soundtrack