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THE 1970s
JIMMY BUFFETT 74 Come Monday (Dunhill/ABC) Living And Dying In 3/4 Time 77 Margaritaville (ABC) Changes In Lattitudes, Changes In Attitudes 77 Changes In Lattitudes, Changes In Attitudes (ABC) Changes In Lattitudes, Changes In Attitudes 78 Cheeseburger In Paradise (ABC) Son Of A Son Of A Sailor 78 Livingston Saturday Night (ABC) Son Of A Son Of A Sailor 79 Fins (MCA) Volcano 81 It's My Job (MCA) Coconut Telegraph 82 It's Midnight And I'm Not Famous Yet (MCA) Somewhere Over China 83 One Particular Harbour (MCA) One particular Harbour 85 Last Mango In Paris (MCA) Last Mango In Paris 86 Floridays (MCA) Floridays 89 Off To See The Lizard (MCA) Off To See The Lizard 94 Fruitcakes (Margaritaville) Fruitcakes 95 Barometer Soup (Margaritaville) Barometer Soup 96 Banana Wild (Margaritaville) Banana Wild 02 Far Side Of The World (Mailboat) Far Side Of The World GRAND FUNK 70 Closer To Home (Capitol) * GRAND FUNK RAILROAD Closer To Home 73 We're An American Band (Capitol) We're An American Band 74 Walk Like A Man (Capitol) We're An American Band 74 The Loco-motion (Capitol) Shinin' On 74 Shinin' On (Capitol) Shinin' On 75 Some Kind Of Wonderful (Capitol) All The Girls In The World Beware 75 Bad Time (Capitol) All The Girls In The World Beware JONI MITCHELL << see 60s 70 Big Yellow Taxi (Reprise) Ladies Of The Canyon 70 Woodstock (Reprise) Ladies Of The Canyon 71 Carey (Reprise) Blue 72 You Turn Me On, I'm A Radio (Asylum) For The Roses 74 Help Me (Asylum) Court And Spark 74 Free Man In Paris (Asylum) Court And Spark RINGO STARR 70 Sentimental Journey (Apple/Capitol) Sentimental Journey 70 Beaucoups Of Blues (Apple/Capitol) Beaucoups Of Blues 71 It Don't Come Easy (Apple/Capitol) single, in 1975 appeared on Blast From Your Past 72 Back Off Boogaloo (Apple/Capitol) single, in 1975 appeared on Blast From Your Past 73 Photograph (Apple/Capitol) Ringo 74 You're Sixteen (Apple/Capitol) Ringo 74 Oh My My (Apple/Capitol) Ringo 74 Only You (Apple/Capitol) Goodnight Vienna 75 No No Song (Apple/Capitol) Goodnight Vienna 75 Snookeroo (Apple/Capitol) Goodnight Vienna 75 It's All Down To Goodnight Vienna (Apple/Capitol) Goodnight Vienna 76 A Dose Of Rock 'N' Roll (Atlantic) Ringo's Rotogravure AL STEWART 76 Year Of The Cat (Janus) Year Of The Cat 76 On The Border (Janus) Year Of The Cat 78 Time Passages (Arista) Time Passages 78 Song On The Radio (Arista) Time Passages STYX 72 Best Thing (Wooden Nickel) Styx 75 Lady (Wooden Nickel) * re-issue of 1973 release Styx II 76 Lorelei (A&M) Equinox 76 Mademoiselle (A&M) Crystal Ball 77 Come Sail Away (A&M) The Grand Illusion 77 The Grand Illusion (A&M) The Grand Illusion 78 Fooling Yourself (A&M) The Grand Illusion 78 Blue Collar Man (A&M) Pieces Of Eight 79 Renegade (A&M) Pieces Of Eight 79 Babe (A&M) Cornerstone >> 80s: enjoyed continued string of pop hits including "Mr. Roboto" in 1983. THREE DOG NIGHT << see 60s 70 Celebrate (Dunhill/ABC) Suitable For Framing 70 Mama Told Me Not To Come (Dunhill/ABC) It Ain't easy 71 Joy To The World (Dunhill/ABC) Naturally 71 Liar (Dunhill/ABC) (Dunhill/ABC) Naturally 71 An Old Fashioned Love Song (Dunhill/ABC) Harmony 72 Never Been To Spain (Dunhill/ABC) Harmony 72 The Family Of Man (Dunhill/ABC) Harmony 72 Black & White (Dunhill/ABC) Seven Separate Fools 73 Pieces Of April (Dunhill/ABC) Seven Separate Fools 73 Shambala (Dunhill/ABC) Cyan 73 Let Me Serenade You (Dunhill/ABC) Cyan 74 The Show Must Go On (Dunhill/ABC) Hard Labor 74 Sure As I'm Sittin' Here (Dunhill/ABC) Hard Labor 75 Til The World Ends (ABC) Coming Down Your Way VAN HALEN 78 You Really Got Me (Warner Brothers) Van Halen 78 Runnin' With The Devil (Warner Brothers) Van Halen 78 Jamie's Cryin' (Warner Brothers) Van Halen 78 Ain't Talkin' Bout Love (Warner Brothers) Van Halen 79 Dance The Night Away (Warner Brothers) Van Halen II 79 Beautiful Girls (Warner Brothers) Van Halen II 79 You're No Good (Warner Brothers) Van Halen II >> 80s: They moved toward the mainstream with cover songs and the classic "Jump" while also remaining a staple act of hard rock. Z.Z. TOP 71 Shakin' Your Tree (London) First Album 72 Francine (London) Rio Grande Mud 73 La Grange (London) Tres Hombres 75 Tush (London) Fandango! 77 Arrested For Driving While Blind (London) Tejas 80 I Thank You (Warner Brothers) Deguello 80 Cheap Sunglasses (Warner Brothers) Deguello 81 Tubesnake Boogie (Warner Brothers) El Loco 81 Pearl Necklace (Warner Brothers) El Loco 83 Gimme All Your Lovin' (Warner Brothers) Eliminator 83 Sharp Dressed Man (Warner Brothers) Eliminator 84 Legs (Warner Brothers) Eliminator 85 Legs * dance remix (Warner Brothers) 12" single 85 Sleeping Bag (Warner Brothers) Stages 85 Velcro Fly (Warner Brothers) Stages 85 Rough Boy (Warner Brothers) Stages >> 90s: They continued to release music embraced by the rock format.