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  <<  see 70s
  81  Burnin' For You Fire Of Unknown Origin

  <<  see 70s
  80  Boulevard (Asylum) The Holdout
  80  That Girl Could Sing (Asylum) The Holdout
  82  Somebody's Baby (Full Moon) Fast Times At Ridgemont High Soundtrack
  83  Lawyers In Love (Asylum) Lawyers In Love
  83  Tender Is The Night (Asylum) Lawyers In Love
  83  For A Rocker (Asylum) Lawyers In Love
  86  For America (Asylum) Lives In The Balance
  86  In The Shape Of A Heart (Asylum) Lives In The Balance
  89  World In Motion (Asylum) World In Motion
  <<  see 90s/00s

  <<  see 60s/CREAM
  <<  see 70s
  81  I Can't Stand It (RSO) Another Ticket
  83  (I've Got A) Rock And Roll Heart (Duck) Money And Cigarettes
  85  Forever Man (Duck) Behind The Sun
  86  Behind The Mask (Duck) August
  89  Bad Love (Duck) Journeyman
  89  Pretending (Duck) Journeyman
  >>  see 90s/00s

  >>  see 70s
  80  In America (Epic) Full Moon
  80  The Legend Of Wooley Swamp (Epic) Full Moon
  82  Still In Saigon (Epic) Windows

  <<  see 70s
  80  I'm Alive (MCA) Xanadu Soundtrack
  80  All Over The World (MCA) Xanadu Soundtrack
  81  Hold On Tight (Jet) 
  83  Rock 'N' Roll Is King (Jet) 
  86  Calling America (CBS Associated) 
  <<  see 60s
  <<  see 70s
  80  Alabama Getaway (Arista) Go To Heaven
  87  Touch Of Grey (Arista) In The Dark
  87  Hell In A Bucket (Arista) In The Dark
  87  Throwing Stones (Arista) In The Dark
  89  Foolish Heart (Arista) Built To Last

  <<  see EAGLES
  81  Leather And Lace * duet on STEVIE NICKS album (Modem) Bella Donna
  82  Johnny Can't Read (Geffen) I Can't Stand Still
  82  Dirty Laundry (Geffen) I Can't Stand Still
  84  Boys Of Summer (Geffen) Building The Perfect Beast
  84  Sunset Grill (Geffen) Building The Perfect Beast
  85  All She Wants To Do Is Dance (Geffen) Building The Perfect Beast
  85  Drivin' With Your Eyes Closed (Geffen) Building The Perfect Beast
  85  Not Enough Love In The World (Geffen) Building The Perfect Beast
  86  Who Owns This Place (MCA) The Color Of Money Soundtrack
  89  The End Of The Innocence (Geffen) The End Of The Innocence
  89  I Will Not Go Quietly (Geffen) The End Of The Innocence
  89  If Dirt Were Dollars (Geffen) The End Of The Innocence
  89  The Last Worthless Evening (Geffen) The End Of The Innocence
  90  The Heart Of The Matter (Geffen) The End Of The Innocence
  90  How Bad Do You Want It (Geffen) The End Of The Innocence
  90  New York Minute (Geffen) The End Of The Innocence

  <<  see 60s
  <<  see 70s
  80  Crossfire (Chrysalis) A
  82  Fallen On Hard Times (Chrysalis) Broadsword And The Beast
  84  Lap Of Luxury (Chrysalis) Under Wraps
  87  Steel Monkey (Chrysalis) Crest Of A Knave
  87  Farm On The Freeway (Chrysalis) Crest Of A Knave
  87  Jump Start (Chrysalis) Crest Of A Knave
  88  Part Of The Machine (Chrysalis) 20 Years Of Jethro Tull
  89  Kissing Willy (Chrysalis) Rock Island
  91  This Is Not Love (Chrysalis) Catfish Rising

  <<  see 70s/BLACK SABBATH
  81  Crazy Train (Jet) Blizzard Of Ozz
  81  Mr. Crowley (Jet) Blizzard Of Ozz
  81  Flying High Again (Jet) Diary Of A Madman
  82  Paranoid (Jet) Speak Of The Devil
  82  Iron Man/Children Of The Grave (Jet) Speak Of The Devil
  83  Bark At The Moon (CBS Associated) Bark At The Moon
  86  Shot In The Dark (CBS Associated) The Ultimate Sin
  89  Close My Eyes Forever * LITA FORD with OZZY OSBOURNE (RCA) appeared on Lita Ford's Lita
  >>  see 90s/00s
  <<  see 70s
  81  Games People Play (Arista) The Turn Of A Friendly Card
  81  Time (Arista) The Turn Of A Friendly Card
  82  Eye In The Sky (Arista) Eye In The Sky
  82  Psychobabble (Arista) Eye In The Sky
  84  Don't Answer Me (Arista) Ammonia Avenue
  84  Prime Time (Arista) Ammonia Avenue

  <<  see 70s
  82  Keep This Heart In Mind (Warner Brothers) Green Light
  82  Me And The Boys (Warner Brothers) Green Light
  86  No Way To Treat A Lady (Warner Brothers) Nine Lives
  89  Nick Of Time (Capitol) Nick Of Time
  89  Have A Heart (Capitol) Nick Of Time
  89  Thing Called Love (Capitol) Nick Of Time
  89  Love Letter (Capitol) Nick Of Time
  >>  see 90s/00s

  <<  see 60s
  <<  see 70s
  80  Emotional Rescue (Rolling Stones/Atlantic) Emotional Resucue
  80  She's So Cold (Rolling Stones/Atlantic) Emotional Resucue
  81  Start Me Up (Rolling Stones/Atlantic) Tattoo You
  81  Waiting On A Friend (Rolling Stones/Atlantic) Tattoo You
  82  Hang Fire (Rolling Stones/Atlantic) Tattoo You
  82  Going To A Go-Go (Rolling Stones/Atlantic) Still Live
  83  Undercover Of The Night (Rolling Stones/Atlantic) Undercover
  83  She Was Hot (Rolling Stones/Atlantic) Undercover
  86  Harlem Shuffle (Rolling Stones/CBS) Dirty Work
  86  One Hit (To The Body) (Rolling Stones/CBS) Dirty Work
  89  Mixed Emotions (Rolling Stones/CBS) Steel Wheels
  89  A Rock And A Hard Place (Rolling Stones/CBS) Steel Wheels
  89  Almost Hear You Sigh (Rolling Stones/CBS) Steel Wheels
  89  Terrifying (Rolling Stones/CBS) Steel Wheels
  >>  see 90s/00s

  <<  see 70s
  80  Spirit Of Radio (Mercury) Permanent Waves
  81  Tom Sawyer (Mercury) Moving Pictures
  81  Limelight (Mercury) Moving Pictures
  82  New World Man (Mercury) Signals
  85  Big Money (Mercury) Power Windows
  89  Presto (Mercury) Presto
  <<  see 90s/00s

  83  Pride And Joy (Epic) Texas Flood
  84  Voodoo Chile (Epic) Couldn't Stand The Weather Jimi Hendrix cover
  85  Look At Little Sister (Epic) Soul To Soul
  86  Superstition (Epic) Live Alive Stevie Wonder cover
  86  Willie The Wimp (Epic) Live Alive
  89  Crossfire (Epic) In Step
  89  Tightrope (Epic) In Step
  89  The House Is Rockin' (Epic) In Step

  >>  see 70s
  80  All Night Long (Full Moon) Urban Cowboy Soundtrack
  81  A Life Of Illusion (Asylum) There Goes The Neighborhood
  83  Space Age Whiz Kids (Warner Brothers) You Bought It

  <<  see 60s
  <<  see 70s
  81  You Better You Bet (Warner Brothers) Face Dances
  82  Athena (Warner Brothers) It's Hard
  82  Eminence Front (Warner Brothers) It's Hard

  <<  see 70s
  83  Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Atlantic) 90125
  84  Leave It (Atlantic) 90125
  84  It Can Happen (Atlantic) 90125
  87  Rhythm Of Love (Atco) Big Generator
  87  Love Will Find A Way (Atco) Big Generator

  <<  see 60s
  <<  see 70s
  80  Little Wing (Reprise) Hawkes & Doves
  81  Southern Pacific (Reprise) Re-Actor
  83  Mr. Soul (Reprise) Trans
  88  This Note's For You (Reprise) This Note's For You
  89  Rockin' In The Free World (Reprise) Freedom
  >>  see 90s

  <<  see 70s
  80  I Don't Want To Get Drafted (Zappa) single
  80  Joe's Garage (Zappa) Joe's Garage Act 1
  82  Valley Girl * with MOON ZAPPA (Barking P) Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch

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