(:30 sample mp3: 496k)
vocals, guitar: Alex Cosper
bass: Peter Torelli
drums: Jimmy Brasier
produced by Michael Sylvester

words and music by Alex Cosper

Big big river
shining like silver
flowing through the center
where we wash through eventually

I wanna dive in it
never give in to it
live for the minute
never give up on my dream

Hungry forever
stuck in bad weather
I wanna live better
I want so much more than minimum wage

Well, maybe you've got it
maybe I want it
workin' in the city
waiting for something to materialize

And when the seasons change
I'm still standing in the rain
I try to conquer fear
telling myself I'm stronger than the pain

Finger through feelings
fate is appealing
the water is healing
out of breath with a wake-up call

I put all my demons
in a box I imagine
then I throw it in the ocean
and let it go where the ocean feels

It's a big, big, big river...

© 2004 Orange Underworld Music, BMI