words and music by Alex Cosper

Sometimes I get caught up in
discussions about the environment
sometimes I'm asked about
things I haven't even thought about

But I tend to lean toward
defending a better, cleaner, safer, more healthy environment
after all, it is one of the few issues that affects all of us
what's wrong with protecting the environment?

I'm not a scientist but I know
the chemical formula for carbon dioxide
and I'm sure you do too, it's CO2
I'm not a politician but I know
that global warming is an issue
that we can't hide

Now I don't expect there to be an ice age in the next year
or even thousand years
I think people get a little too worried sometimes
about things they read or hear

I think there's going to be an earth
for millions and millions and billions and billions of years
to be honest
How far we go as a civilization
now, that remains to be seen

Sometimes my opinion gets stepped on
by people who think they are bigger than me
but really we're all more like little ants
crawling around the galaxy

Now the way I sort out propaganda from what might be the truth
is that I apply an old cliche that I learned in high school
that says believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see
especially if you see it on TV

And if you can see that something is wrong
that's when it's time to start singing along with this song
which actually does more than hint, but explains what is wrong

What is wrong is that people string along
instead of being strong
and that's wrong
so wrong

And if you don't want to do anything about it
well, then you just blend in with the majority
but let me just leave you with a clue
on how you can be a little more aware in case you care

The three known causes of cancer
are tobacco smoke, radiation and chemicals
tobacco smoke, radiation and chemicals

© 2004 Orange Underworld Music, BMI