(30 second mp3 song clip: 480k)
vocals, guitar, bass, drum programming: Alex Cosper
background vocals: John Young
background vocals: George Peterburs

words and music by Alex Cosper

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning
first I want to go home and lay down again
then I remember you can never, ever turn back the clock
I guess the lesson in life is to just move on

Thinking of ways to make it through the maze of everyday life
nothing comes close to walking on the coast and forgetting it all
walk into a bar, tell them who you are and they don't care
get into your car, but you'll never get far from the poison air

Run into a friend from way back when, it's hazy
tell 'em where you've been since way back then, it's crazy
it kind of seems the same, though everything's changed, well maybe
we can pick up the pieces from where we left off, don't hate me

You're easily sold, you believe what you're told, no question
but when you're with me, you don't want to see my visions
when I lose you in the crowd you're gone for good, oh well
time is the judge who's right, I say, one day time will tell

There's nothing you can do to stop the world from its destiny
we all have to learn how to take turns in the grand scheme
the origins and philosophies of the people on earth
need to mix together into a giant sea
mix it all together into a giant sea

© 2003 Orange Underworld Music, BMI