words and music by Alex Cosper

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all vocals and instruments: Alex Cosper

Who's gonna open your mind
now that you're hiding behind
some wall you manufactured in your mind
made up of some pathetic design

Everyone believes you crossed the line
everyone agrees you've lost your mind
what will it take to bring you back
don't tell me that you're under attack

I've heard it all before
it's all the same to me
you can run from the truth
but you'll never be free
as long as you believe
in the inner voices that deceive

Who do you think you are?
why are you leading us on?
you think you're a superstar
what drugs are you on?

It's getting hard for you to relate
you've broken all your bonds
why can't you communicate
some say you're already too far gone

A straight jacket's waiting for you
in the days that lie ahead
I only wish good things for you
but something tells me you're gonna have more troubles instead

I think you've got a right to know
the only way to let go of these inner voices that deceive
is to tell yourself you've got to find yourself
and get back to where you were really meant to be

Not every inner voice is wrong
you've gotta find the one that's strong
find the one that's strong
find the one that's strong

© 2003 Orange Underworld Music, BMI