(30 second mp3 clip: 470k)
vocals and all instruments (guitars, bass): Alex Cosper

words and music by Alex Cosper

The sun was shining
on that lost and lonely day
not one survivor
all life had passed away

And the world was still spinning
around the sun
just as in the beginning
like Mother Nature on the run

This was the last page written in history
the day we met our destiny
and now world peace had come too late
no one there to celebrate

The moon was rising
as the Earth began to rust
no new horizons
everything returning to dust

And the world was still turning
no one was saved
the fire kept on burning
like Mother Nature in her grave

Whoever said tomorrow never comes
it was waiting for us all along
and now the memory was gone
nothing left to carry on

On that lost and lonely day...

© 2004 Orange Underworld Music, BMI