vocals, guitar, bass, drum programming: Alex Cosper
guitar and background vocals: John Young

words and music by Alex Cosper

So, you owe me money
you know, I'm not the kind of person that gets really upset
nothing you can say can hurt my feelings
nothing I'd say I'd ever regret

Ordinarily I wouldn't stress about anything
but checkin' my books I notice I'm down this month
I'm down this month
I need a little cash
I need a little fast cash
to get me out of this hole

I want to be in control
I hate falling behind
thanks to you I've fallen far behind
so why don't you pay up?
why don't you take care of business?
it's not like this is helping our relationship
it's not like you're looking good

So what's it gonna be?
are you gonna pay me?
or do I have to keep hastling you?
every day I have to leave a voice mail
what's up with that?

You have a lot to thank me for
it's not just some delusion of grandeur
I earned my money with you
now pay me before I lose my cool
you don't want to see me lose my cool

Don't turn this into a science project
don't turn this into a courtroom showdown
come on, I put in a lot of time for you
and all you wanna do
is pay me two hundred and fifty dollars

Two fifty doesn't solve any problems
so what are you gonna do with two fifty?
oh, it goes to bills
yeah, and the more bills you pay
the further away you move from your dream

I know it's foolish to seem
that you can get out of your responsibilites
but maybe if you weren't so reckless
you wouldn't have all these problems
so we roll with the changes,
roll with the changes

Money's not the issue
the issue is integrity
and can you live up to the deal
can you show me that you're real?

© 2003 Orange Underworld Music, BMI