(30 second mp3 clip: 458k)
vocals and all instruments (guitar, bass, drum programming): Alex Cosper

words and music by Alex Cosper

Yeah! Technology keeps changing the way we listen to music
the sound keeps getting clearer and clearer and clearer and nearer
seems like the digital revolution has revolutionized everything
everything that we perceive and believe

I used to hang out in circles of people who put themselves high on a pedestal
because they believe analog is better than digital
(it's just as artificial as digital)
nose in the air, nose in the air

And they never ever stop to think
that maybe their argument is outdated
because I used to think just like them
and you know what?
I was a nut
I was outside of everything
I was outside of the underground and the mainstream

Started out with a little AM transistor radio
then I made the transition to FM transistor radio
then I got a clock radio and a little plastic turntable
where I could play my 45s
then I got cassette decks and CD players
but it all ended up on my hard drive

But you know now I've grown up
my mind has opened up
and now I listen to what I choose
I don't listen to what you want me to
because you want me to listen to shallow,
watered-down, brainless, mis-educated, polluted,
suck noise

(can't you see we're just puppets of industry
falling for all this superficial fashion
it makes me start laughing)

© 2003 Orange Underworld Music, BMI