(30 second mp3 clip: 125k)
vocals, guitar, bass, drum programming: Alex Cosper

words and music by Alex Cosper

The future is a maze of blossoming possibilities
it's not what they say it is
it's whatever you want it to be
it's coming soon
but don't think it's to the same tune
of what you expected it to be

It's not pre-determined, it's an open slate
don't believe those who say it's too late
because all you gotta do is look ahead of you
and the future is right in front of you
even though it's really not there
it's really not there
you're really just jumping for air

The future is misunderstood
the future is misunderstood

Nobody stops to think back at how far we've come
but we're now into a different environment
a different stage, a different dream,
a different society, a different philosophy
different ways to relate
come on let's communicate - yeah!

The future is always one step ahead
I mean, you could say on this date in the future
you want this goal to happen by then
and that's a really good way to plan out your life, by the way
but it's still not moving forward in time
now they say you cannot move forward and backward in time
that time travel cannot exist

You know they try to paint it in a song
and sometimes they even paint it wrong
but what they want to do is make you feel that you can achieve your goals
simply by having a positive vision of the world
and don't let any negativity interfere with that positive vision

No crystal ball is clear enough
to assure we'll find our way
on the cloudy road that lies ahead
you drift into an unknown territory
you start to tell a whole new story
that you never set out to tell
it's probably just as well

Before you have your fun
you better do what needs to be done...
new world taking over
say hello to the new world taking over

© 2004 Orange Underworld Music, BMI