vocals and guitars: Alex Cosper
drums: Jim Brasier

words and music by Alex Cosper

The orange underworld is swiftly on the rise
everywhere you turn there's an agent in disguise
somewhere down that crooked canyon stream
you'll hear the chatter of a secret sinister scheme

Yes, it's all incognito, deceptive as a shark
fiery silhouettes will be dancing in the dark
brave or weak you'll witness something strange
just when you thought that things would never change

Here we go, are you ready for
a piece of the action from the orange underworld

When things are out of balance and the wind is like a gun
then you'll know they've got you and it's too late to run
don't expect to be sanctified
you might as well enjoy the rocky ride

Maybe it's only just a dream
maybe it's not what it seems
maybe you need someone by your side
maybe you need someone as your guide

The orange underworld will take you by surprise
it won't just come and go, it's a growing enterprise

The orange underworld, the orange underworld...

© 2004 Orange Underworld Music, BMI