words and music by Alex Cosper

Some of us claim to know the answer
some of us pose as a better dancer than the mistaken fool
some of us don't really know much of anything
we just imitate the rhetoric we see on TV

Some of us don't really care
we'd rather see everything around us go to hell
some of us could care less about what goes on in other parts of the world
we're part of the problem, not the solution

Some of us will never learn anything
about anything beyond our own subsistence
That's just the way it goes

Yes that's what you're up against:
a whole tribe of self-absorbed dreamers
who could never ever raise a finger
to the dying soul from the other side of the wall

That wall, you recall is built on our imaginations
based on illusions fed to us since the day we were born

© 2004 Orange Underworld Music, BMI