vocals and all instruments (guitar, bass, drum programming): Alex Cosper

words and music by Alex Cosper

You keep me waiting late at night
my secret agent girl
life is too dangerous
on the other side of that underworld

Something tells me I'm gonna lose you
to some super intelligent international spy
decked out in his fancy suit and tie
risk is great and the stakes are high tonight

You wear dark shades
and you talk on a cell phone all the time
layin' out by the pool you say
wait baby I got someone on the line

It's headquarters again
and you say they say you've been assigned
to go go go-go-go to a go-go strip club tonight
and perform
you say that's the only way you can catch the bad guy
then I start to wonder maybe it's not so bad being a bad guy

Come back to me my secret agent girl
come back to me my secret agent girl

© 2003 Orange Underworld Music, BMI