(full song mp3)
vocals, guitar, percussion: Alex Cosper

words and music by Alex Cosper

Is this the world that you wanted to be from
now that we turned into something
that doesn't even resemble when we were young
yeah, don't you see how far we've come
how much we've changed
how much more strange the information becomes

We've got two sides debating the truth
Why can't they just agree on the facts
and then agree to disagree on their opinions
I guess it's because they want to control the earth
Wouldn't you want to too
if that was the only thing you thought you could do?

Today you told me that you don't feel very well
and you think it's nothing but I can tell
that it is something deeper deeper deeper
that you should look into
it could be in the water you drink
I thought I told you not to drink
from the kitchen sink

You always smile at me thinking I'm joking
when I say you should only drink bottled water
then you look at me like I got a problem
but you're the one who should worry
because you drink that water coated in lead
you're just a chemical head

Well, I'm here to relieve you
and make you understand
that I believe you
in everything you said
in the interviews

Let's get together and help each other
by stopping that strange water flowing in
strange water flowing in
strange water flowing in
strange water flowing in

© 2004 Orange Underworld Music, BMI