(30 second mp3 clip: 476k)
vocals and all instruments (guitar, bass, drum programming): Alex Cosper
vocals: John Young
vocals and sound effects: George Peterburs

words and music by Alex Cosper
featuring a spoken word conversation by
John Young and George Peterburs

John: "It's my impression that
the theory of normalization is nothing more than a way to
control people that are mentally different than us."

Students of mind control
students of mind control

If you really want to brainwash somebody
just keep repeating the same message over and over again
(repeat several times)

John: "Then there's always the idea
that perhaps we're not as normal as we think."

George: "Well, what's your definition of normal?"

subliminal content:

Psychoanalysts call it social conditioning
marketers call it marketing
they all learned it from the same place
from the same class
eat popcorn
they do it all the time in the movies
eat popcorn
they do it all the time in the movies

John: "It's all about the money...the viability..."

George: "The government you think?"

John: "Government..it's all about the money...viability...income..."

George: "I don't think so. I don't think you have absolutely
any control over anything. I think most of what happens in life in fate."

John: "It's all about chaos, chaos, chaos. The chaos theory and the way
we control people makes us look at ourselves in a new and different light."

George: "You got a point there. I never really thought about it that way."

John: "Yes, yes, yes!... Relativity is relatively boring."

Let's talk about religion,
media and government

John: "EDIT! EDIT! EDIT!...
Is mind control your form of religion?
I certainly, certainly, certainly hope not!"

Alex: "Doctor, what's the secret to brainwashing people?"

John: "Well there's no secret, really. It's simple. Isn't it?"

more subliminal content:

How would you like to be someone's psychic slave?
I bet you believe everything they tell you
I bet you don't question anything

© 2003 Orange Underworld Music, BMI