(mp3 song clip: 591k)
vocals, guitar, bass, tambourine: Alex Cosper

words and music by Alex Cosper

Well, who do you believe
in this age of information craze?
there's so many distorted points of view to choose from
you look up to the sky and you wonder who do you believe

Whose secret agenda do you support?
and who do you report to in the morning?
and who tells you what to do?
well, who tells you who you are?

Who do you believe?
Who do you believe?

You try to stand for something then they laugh at you
especially when you bring up global warming
they look at you like you're a brainwashed monkey from the zoo
when really you're asking yourself who brainwashed who?

Who brainwashed who?
Who brainwashed who?

Now I don't claim to know anything about
what's really going on with global warming
because I'm no scientist
I'm at least willing to admit it
unlike some talk show hosts
who think they are scientists
but really they're just blabbermouths
who don't know what they're talking about

I'm someone who wants to know the truth
I don't want to just buy into some rhetoric
you know what I mean?
I want to know the facts
and the only way to get the facts I think
would be to take a scientific approach
and who knows that better than anyone?
well, the scientists
and yes the scientists do confirm
that there is such a thing as global warming
but it may be not as serious as we think

so we don't have to over-react
but let's at least not go the other direction
and pretend there's no reason to care
or to have responsiblity
That's the weakest, weakest
attitude that someone can have

© 2004 Orange Underworld Music, BMI