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Alex Cosper is developing a new concept called The KWODZAP Video Series

Here's another new concept: informative poetry called "Infopoems"

Introducing "The First Info Poem"

"History of the World Info Poem"

"Early American History Info Poem"

"Peacemaker's Info Poem"

"99 Cent Scientist Info Poem"

"End of the Industrial Age Info Poem"

"Sports Championship Philosophy Info Poem"

"The Science of Sugar Info Poem"

"History of the Health Scare System Info Poem"

"If You Don't Have Medical Insurance Info Poem"

"Recycle to Help the Environment Info Poem"

"Mass Media Mirage Info Poem"

Your journey beyond the norm begins here, where songwriting moves beyond industry formulas and gets into the realm of creative musical storytelling. You can explore Tangent Sunset songs on ReverbNation as well as here. Tangent Sunset is a musical project based on the songs written by Alex Cosper. Some of the themes explored by Tangent Sunset include nature, society, technology, energy, history and surf.

"Mass Mania in Slow Motion"

This song marks the gateway into a story about the world we live in. It is both the title track of a collection of songs as well as the name of an online book about today's changing times. If you want to know why people can be so mixed up in the head these days, it might have to do with the merging of a time warp and culture shock. See the story and album index here.

More on Tangent Sunset from Alex Cosper

I never set out to just write and perform songs. I always wanted my songs to be part of a bigger project. Songs are both messages to today's music fans as well as time capsules for the future. The nature of how we hear music is so different now than a few decades ago when the entire culture was still wired into a system that generated song after song. I've always believed that songs can be building blocks for bigger ideas, even beyond albums or movies.

Songs are great vehicles not just for putting infectious tunes in our heads, but for sharing ideas through lyrics. What's great is that there really are no rules for what you can and can't write about, even though the music industry remains stuck on a limited number of predictable formulas. Even though I enjoy experimental music, I still like well written songs that either tell a story of paint a picture in my mind. I guess that's why everyone still loves The Beatles after all these years.

My songs are the components of this project called Tangent Sunset that has involved several musician friends from Sacramento over the years, including Karl Lane, John Young, Jim Brasier, Dominic Garcia, Frank Simmons and others. Lately I've been working on a lot of solo material that I lump in with Tangent Sunset. Anyway, at the moment Tangent Sunset is an internet-only project, but stay tuned for new developments. By the way, I have relocated to the San Diego area and I'm having fun setting my music to ocean videos, as in the one below. It features my instrumental called "There Will Always Be Surf."

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